Wwe Mick Foley podcast Shane McMahon Tells All With Mick Foley May 2016.

I am going to watch this sometime on the Wwe network it was on the Wwe network last year in May back in May 2016. Its the Mick Foley podcast with speacial guest Shane Mcmahon. Shane Mcmahon tells Wwe Hall of Famer Mick Foley nearly everything that he has done in Wwe. From starting out in the Wwe as a Wwe referee back in the early 90s and how he was still working for the Wwe in the mid 1990s. Shane Mcmahon also talks about his Hell in a Cell match agaisnt The Undertaker last year at Wrestlemania 32 2016 and how he felt losing to The Undertaker in Hell in a Cell at Wrestlemania 32.

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