Wwe Mind Games In Your House 10 1996.

During the Free For All pre show, Savio Vega defeated Marty Jannetty, only to be attacked by Justin Hawk Bradshaw after the match. The attack lead to the two facing off in the first match of the actual PPV, which was also Bradshaw’s first PPV match. Savio Vega won the Caribbean Strap match between the two. During the match two wrestlers from the local Extreme Championship Wrestling ECW promotion, Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman were shown at ringside, getting involved in the match before being thrown out of the arena. This marked the beginning of the working relationship between the WWE and ECW. In his debut, Mark Henry forced Jerry Lawler to submit to a backbreaker, after which he was attacked by Marty Jannetty, Leif Cassidy, and Hunter Hearst Helmsley. During the final moments of the main event, Vader came to ringside and attacked Shawn Michaels as he had Mankind covered for a pin to draw a disqualification. This brought out Sycho Sid to chase Vader off. Subsequently The Undertaker, Mankind’s rival, appeared from a coffin at ringside and attacked Mankind after the match was over.

  1. Hi Bob They were just old wrestling pay per views that were on the wrestling when I was little and I was at Glebe school the very first one was on when I was only eight year old when I was at Glebe it was in May 95 and the very last one was in February 1999 when I was twelve and I was in year seven at Southlands in my first year. it was called St Valentine’s Day Massacre In Your House.

  2. Thanks Bob. I’ve been an expert for a long time on the wrestling since I was only five years when I started watching since 1991.

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