Wwe No Way Out 2004.

This is one of my favourite No Way Outs it’s WWE No Way Out 2004 from February of that year. The main event is WWE undisputed champion Brock Lesnar vs Eddie Guerrero for the WWE undisputed championship. Earlier on in the night Smackdown general manager Paul Heyman came down to ringside when Goldberg was sitting front row and started talking trash to Goldberg then Brock Lesnar came down to ringside and talked trash to Goldberg. Then Goldberg jumped of the guard rail and then got in the ring and speared Brock Lesnar. And then the sercurity came down to the ring and arrested Goldberg this was a Smackdown pay per view and Goldberg was on RAW but had a storyline rivalry with Brock Lesnar on RAW and Smackdown to. In the main event later on that night Brock Lesnar was going one on one with Eddie Guerrero in the main event for the WWE undisputed championship. Goldberg came back to the arena and went in the ring And speared Brock Lesnar when the referee was knocked out and then Goldberg left the arena then Eddie Guerrero went up the top rope and did his finishing move the frog splash on Brock Lesnar and the referee woke up and crawled over and counted one two three when Eddie Guerrero pinned Brock Lesnar and Eddie Guerrero became the new WWE Undisputed champion. Then Eddie Guerrero ran out the ring and started celebrating with the WWE universe jumping in the crowd and then jumping back over the rail and celebrating on stage set next to the entrance. Brock Lesnar was in the middle of the ring crying while Eddie Guerrero was up on the stage set celebrating with the fans doing his Eddie Guerrero dance and that’s how WWE No Way Out 04 ended.

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