Wwe Rebellion 2002.

I like this Wwe Rebellion its from October 02. The pay per view was live in Manchester at the Manchester arena. The main event is a handicap match Wwe Undisputed champion Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman vs Edge. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman defeated Edge Brock Lesnar did the F5 on Edge and pinned him one two three and retained his Wwe Undisputed championship. Brock Lesnar took his belt and went back to the dressing room after him and Paul Heyman beat Edge. Paul Heyman tried to attack Edge with a steel chair when the match was over. Paul Heyman was poking Edge with the steel chair talking trash to him and the referees were trying to pull Paul Heyman back then Edge kicked the steel chair in Paul Heymans face and speared Paul Heyman and Edge climbed up the top rope celebrating and the crowd went crazy and that is how Rebellion 2002 ended.

  1. Hi Bob no it’s Brock Lesnar no he’s isn’t retired he’s the guy who I showed you and Vicky earlier on today this afternoon who did that shooting star press move off the top rope and landed on his head at Wrestlemania 19 2003.

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