Wwe Royal Rumble 1992.

This is the 92 Royal Rumble where the Wwe championship was on the line in the Royal Rumble match. Ric Flair was the winner of this Royal Rumble and became the new Wwe champion. He then went on to Wrestlemaina 8 which took place on April 5th 1992 that same year. Wwe champion Ric Flair went one of one with the Macho Man Randy Savege. Ric Flair lost the Wwe title to the Macho Man and the Macho Man went up the top rope and hit Ric Flair with the flying elbow and pinned Ric Flair one two three and became the new Wwe Champion. It was a double main event that was the first match of the main event the second match of the main event of Wrestlemania 8 was Sid Justice vs Hulk Hogan. That was the last match of Wrestlemania 8 Hulk Hogan deafeated Sid Justice with his finishing move the high leg drop and pinned Sid Justice one two three and won the match.

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