Wwe RTC Right To Censor ‎2000-2001

I use to hate this group on the wrestling when I was younger when I was thirteen and fourteen years old. When I was in year eight then year nine at Southlands school. They were a group a proper faction from July 17th 2000 to May 24th 2001 which is when they disbanded. I use to hate them they were heels which are the bad guys. They use to tell the Wwe universe how to live they lives and what to do. I never use to like them at all I was so glad when they broke up as a faction Steven Richards was the leader of the group. and the four other people in the group were Wwe Superstars Val Venis. Bull Buchanan the Good father who is the God father as many Wwe fans know him as. But he changed his name back then to the Good father when he joined the RTC Right To Censor. and the final member of the group was Wwe Diva Ivory.

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