kevin owens

Wwe Smackdown 2017.

I thought Smackdown was really good and I thought it was really good at the end I watched it this morning. I thought it was really good at the end of Smackdown after Vince Mcmahon was just about to fire Kevin Owens and then Kevin Owens headbutted Vince Mcmahon kicked him in the ribs and then Kevin Owens went up the top rope and frog splashed Vince Mcmahon. Vince Mcmahons head was bleeding and needed help out of the ring and through the back stage by other refferees different officals and his daughter who is the CEO of the Wwe Stephanie Mcmahon. I cant wait to see what happens on Smackdown next week because of this and because of Kevin Owens beating up Vince Mcmahon.

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