Wwe Smackdown 2017.

Can’t believe what happened on Smackdown last week at the end of the steel cage main event match between WWE women’s champion Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch. Alexa Bliss defeated Becky Lynch and retained the WWE women’s championship because of interference from La Lunchadora who jumped on to the cage And climbed over in to it. La Lunchadora turned out to be Mickie James when Becky Lynch pulled the mask off her. Then Alexa Bliss grabbed Becky Lynch from behind and did her finishing move on her the DDT and then pinned her one two three and Alexa Bliss retained her WWE women’s championship and Alexa Bliss and Mickie James were both standing in the ring and Mickie James was raising Alexa Bliss arm and hand in the air when the cage was getting raised up. That’s how Smackdown ended last week. I can’t wait to see what happens on Smackdown next week to see what happens with Becky Lynch Alexa Bliss and Mickie James.

  1. Hi Bob because it’s in they contracts and they are called WWE divas they have wanted to become wrestlers and it’s because they have women’s championship belts to.

  2. No it’s the same Bob. Just it wasn’t that often that the women or the WWE Divas wrestle in a cage even on RAW and Smackdown.

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