Wwe SummerSlam 2000.

This one of my favourite SummerSlams Wwe SummerSlam 2000. Where the main event is Wwe champion The Rock vs Triple H vs Kurt Angle in a triple threat match for the Wwe championship. The final match of the night was a WWF Championship Triple-Threat match between Triple H, Kurt Angle, and the defending champion, The Rock. Before The Rock made his entrance, Angle and Triple H fought at ringside, with Triple H delivering a Pedigree on Angle on the commentator’s announce table, which broke prematurely, resulting in Angle being injured. After the incident, The Rock made his entrance down to the ring. He wrestled Triple H as Angle was attended by EMTs, who transported Angle backstage. Stephanie McMahon then came down to the ring and attempted to interfere by hitting The Rock with the WWF Championship belt. She accidentally hit Triple H, however, which resulted in Triple H ordering McMahon to the backstage area. Angle returned to the ring midway through the match, alongside McMahon, and attacked Triple H. As Triple H recuperated, Angle called McMahon to give him a sledgehammer, but Angle and Triple H brawled over the sledgehammer, resulting in Triple H accidentally hitting McMahon. This situation allowed The Rock to throw Angle over the top rope onto ringside and deliver a People’s Elbow on Triple H into a pinfall to win the match and retain the WWE Championship.

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