Wwe Summerslam 2003.

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This is another one of my favorite Summerslams Its Wwe Summerslam 03. The main event was an Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship. It was Wwe World Heavyweight Champion Triple H vs Goldberg vs Randy Orton vs Kevin Nash vs Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michael’s. Triple H and Goldberg were the only two men left in the match. Goldberg was setting Triple H up for the spear but Triple H hit Goldberg in the head with the sledgehammer and then covered Goldberg one two three and retained the World Heavyweight Championship. After the match Ric Flair Randy Orton and Triple H handcuffed Goldberg to the Chamber and busted Goldberg wide open full of blood Goldberg was all beating up at the end of Summerslam while Ric Flair Randy Orton and Triple H were walking back to the dressing room.

  1. Hi Bob The Elimination Chamber works where all six men wrestle but two men start out wrestling in the ring and the four other wrestlers are locked in chain pads and after ten seconds another wrestler comes in to the match and if a wrestler is eliminated by pinfall or submission they leave the ring and head back to the dressing room the match dose not finish until two men are left and one those to wrestlers win the match after they have beaten the other one.

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