Wwe Survivor Series 1990.

This is one of my favourite WWE Survivor Series it’s the 1990 Survivor Series and I’m going to watch it on the WWE network sometime. The main event is a five on three handicap elimination match. Hulk Hogan Tito Santana and The Ultimate Warrior vs The Million Doller Man Ted Dibiase The Model Rick Martel. The Warlord. Power and Glory Hercules and Paul Roma. It was Hercules vs The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan left. The Ultimate Warrior knocked Hercules over and hit him with his big splash finishing move and pinned Hercules one two three and The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan won the match for they team. Tito Santana already had been eliminated earlier on in the match. This WWE Survivor Series pay per view took place on Thursday 22nd November 90. I was only four years old when this Survivor Series pay per view was on.

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