Wwe Survivor Series 1997.

This is one of my favorite Survivor Series. Its the 97 Survivor Series. Kane made his in ring debut against Mankind Kane went one on one with Mankind and defeated Mankind at Survivor Series 1997 Kane Tombstone pile drove Mankind and pinned Mankind one two three and won the match. The main event was Wwe champion Bret Hart vs Shawn Michael’s for the Wwe championship This is when the famous real life Montreal screw job had happened. At the end of the match Shawn Michael’s had put Bret Hart in Bret Harts own finishing move the sharpshooter and Vince McMahon told referee Earl Hebner to ring the bell and Earl Hebner rang the bell ended the match ran out the ring and left the arena and Bret Hart got screwed by Shawn Michael’s and Vince McMahon. Shawn Michael’s got out the ring very upset retained his Wwe championship grabbed his Wwe title and walked off and headed to the entrance way straight to the back stage then to the locker room. Bret Hart spat on Vince McMahon spat right in his eye and started to destroy all the Wwe television cameras sticking his two middle fingers up at Vince McMahon while Vince McMahon was walking to the locker room. Survivor Series 97 ended with Shawn Michael’s getting his Wwe championship from outside the ring and walking to the entrance holding his Wwe title in the air and walking back stage. Bret Hart was trashing and destroying all the Wwe equipment when the 1997 Survivor Series went off the air.

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