Survior Series 2002

Wwe Survivor Series 2002.

This is my one of my favorite Survivor Series. Its the 02 Survivor Series and it was live from the famous arena in New York City Madison Square Garden. Wwe Undisputed champion Brock Lesnar went one on one with The Big Show with the Wwe Undisputed championship on the line. Brock Lesnar had The Big Show up for the F5 he had him up on his shoulders and he did the F5 on The Big Show and went for the pin. Brock Lesnar covered The Big Show one two and Paul Heyman pulled the referee out the ring and Brock Lesnar realized what had just happened and chased Paul Heyman round the ring outside the ring. They both ran back in the ring and The Big Show grabbed Brock Lesnar and choke slammed him and pinned Lesnar one two three and became the new Wwe Undisputed champion. The Big Show and Paul Heyman both together screwed Brock Lesnar and screwed him out of the Wwe Undisputed championship and ran out of the Madison Square Garden arena jumped in the limousine and drove off. The Wwe universe were shocked and couldn’t believe they eyes that The Big Show and Paul Heyman screwed Brock Lesnar out of the Wwe championship. The main event was the very first Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight championship. It was Wwe World Heavyweight champion Triple H vs Chris Jericho vs Kane vs Booker T vs Rob Van Dam vs Shawn Michael’s all six men in the Elimination Chamber match. It was only Shawn Michael’s and Triple H left in the match they were the only two men left. Shawn Michael’s hit Triple H with the super kick the sweet chin music and pinned Triple H one two three and Shawn Michael’s won the very first Elimination Chamber match and became the new Wwe World Heavyweight champion and the crowd went crazy and Shawn Michael’s was on the top rope celebrating with the Wwe universe and that is how Survivor Series 2002 ended that is how the pay per view finished.

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