Wwe Survivor Series 2003.

This is one of my favorite Wwe Survivor Series pay per views Its from November 03. Its Wwe Survivor Series 2003. It was on Sunday 16th November 2003. Vince McMahon vs The Undertaker in a buried Alive match. Kane had interfered in the match and attacked The Undertaker and buried The Undertaker alive allowing Vince McMahon to win the Buried Alive match. The main event was Wwe World Heavyweight Champion Goldberg vs Triple H Triple H focused on Goldberg’s injured ankle. Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Batista all interfered on behalf of Triple H; however, Goldberg hit Flair, Orton and Batista with a sledgehammer, which was brought in by Triple H. The match came to an end when Goldberg executed a Spear and Jackhammer on Triple H to retain the title.Shane McMahon vs Kane in an ambulance match. Kane Tomb stoned Shane McMahon and put him in the ambulance slammed the ambulance door and won the match. Kane was standing watching the ambulance drive out of the arena when his music was playing. Shane McMahon was getting driven out of the arena in the ambulance.

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