Wwe The Undertakers half mask from November 95 to February 1996.

This was The Undertaker,s half mask that he wore in Wwe back on the wrestling in November 95 to February 1996 when I was only nine years old and in class 6 at Glebe school at the time. This is the same mask that Brutus The Barber Beefcake was wearing at Wrestlemania 9 1993 just two years earlier only a couple of years earlier and the same mask that Kane wears now the same one Kane was wearing in September 2002 until June 2003. The same one that Kane was wearing back in 2012 when he came to Wwe back then in the January of that year 2012. The Undertaker had an injured face back in November 1995 that is why he was wearing it then until February 96. King Mabel and Yorkozuna kept crushing The Undertakers face by leg dropping him over and over again in the middle of the ring on the Monday Night RAW episode just before the 1995 Survivor Series pay per view.

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