Wwe This Tuesday in Texas 1991.

I am going to watch this on the WWE network tonight. It’s WWE This Tuesday in Texas 1991 and it was on December 3rd 91. It was on when I was only five years old. The main event was a rematch from the main event at the Survivor Series a month before between WWE Champion The Undertaker vs Hulk Hogan. The Undertaker defeated Hulk Hogan at the Survivor Series six days earlier and became the new WWE champion. Ric Flair came down to the ring to interfere in the match Paul Bearer was going to hit Hulk Hogan with the ern but Hulk Hogan ducked and Paul Bearer accidentally hit The Undertaker Ric Flair climbed on to the apron before that with a steel chair and The Undertaker was going to ram Hulk Hogans head to it but Hulk Hogan reversed and put The Undertakers head in to it instead. Ric Flair fell off the apron and then Hulk Hogan rolled The Undertaker up for the school boy pin one two three to win the WWE championship and become the new WWE champion once again.

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