wwe unforgiven 2002

Wwe Unforgiven 2002.

This is one of my favorite wrestling pay per views from 2002. Its Wwe Unforgiven 02. The main event is Wwe undisputed champion Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker. The main event was for the WWE Championship between Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman and The Undertaker. During the match, the referee was distracted, allowing Brock Lesnar to hit The Undertaker with the title belt, which caused The Undertaker to bleed. After Brock Lesnar collided with the referee, who was knocked down, The Undertaker performed a Chokeslam on Brock Lesnar. Matt Hardy attempted to interfere but Undertaker performed a Last Ride on Matt Hardy. Brock Lesnar pushed The Undertaker, causing The Undertaker to knock the referee down, and attempted to hit The Undertaker with a chair but The Undertaker performed a Big Boot into the chair, causing the chair to hit Brock Lesnar, and hit Brock Lesnar with the chair, causing Brock Lesnar to bleed. After Brock Lesnar attacked the referee, the referee ruled the match a double disqualification. After the match, The Undertaker threw Brock Lesnar straight through the Unforgiven stage set. Brock Lesnar had dived straight through the big Unforgiven sign stage set head first when The Undertaker put him through it and that is how Unforgiven 2002 ended.

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