Wwe Wrestlemania 13 1997.

This is another one of my favorite Wrestlemanias Its Wwe Wrestlemania 13 1997. It was on March 23rd 97 Bret Hart went one on one with Stone Cold Steve Austin in a No Disqualification Submission Match and the special guest referee was Ken Shamrock. The two first beat each other in the ring before the action spilled outside the ring. Bret Hart tossed Stone Cold Steve Austin into the steel ringpost while Stone Cold Steve Austin drove him on to the steel barrier. The two men began fighting in the crowd, where both men hit each other with several foreign objects. They moved up the steps high into the crowd. Ken Shamrock followed them and brought them back towards the ring where Stone Cold Steve Austin used steel steps on Bret Hart to humiliate him. As the action began in the ring,Bret Hart focused on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s leg. He busted Stone Cold Steve Austin open with the timekeeper’s table and Stone Cold Steve Austin’s head began to bleed. Bret Hart tried to use a steel chair on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s leg, but Stone Cold Steve Austin hit Bret Hart with a television cable. Bret Hart hit Stone Cold Steve Austin in the head with the ring bell. Bret Hart applied a Sharpshooter on Stone Cold Steve Austin who did not submit and tried to resist but passed out from the pain and loss of blood. Ken Shamrock awarded the match to Bret Hart, but Bret Hart continued to attack Stone Cold Steve Austin which led to a double turn as the fans turned on Bret Hart and began cheering for Stone Cold Steve Austin. Ken Shamrock suplexed Bret Hart off of Stone Cold Steve Austin and physically challenged him to a fight. Bret Hart declined to fight Ken Shamrock and left the ring to a chorus of boos. The main event was Wwe champion Sycho Sid vs The Undertaker for the Wwe championship. The Undertaker beat Sycho Sid with his finishing move the Tombstone piledriver and pinned Sycho Sid one two three and The Undertaker became the new Wwe champion and became 6 – 0 at Wrestlemania and the Undertakers winning streak at Wrestlemania continued.

  1. Hi Bob yh they are allowed to fight outside as long as they get back in the ring before the count of ten they the rules hahaha if it’s a hardcore match or a falls count anyway match they are no count outs.

  2. Yh it is. It’s the wrestling rules Bob haha you have to be a proper wrestling fan like me and Marc to really know all about it and understand.

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